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5 best buffet restaurants in Hanoi

When visiting a foreign country, many tourists may feel confused about where to try as many kinds of exotic foods with the highest quality as possible. Thus, buffet restaurants provide customers with the chance to taste a wide range of cuisines at a reasonable price and professional services. There are many kinds of buffets restaurants in Hanoi: from traditional, Western, to hotpot and dessert ones.


9 foods that Vietnamese eat for breakfast

Breakfast plays a very important role as it is the energy source for a whole hard working day. In the past, breakfasts were cooked by deft hands of women in a family which enhances much the taste of the foods. In this day and age, Vietnamese women are busier with their social roles and cannot cook breakfast so frequently, so street-food stalls and restaurant are more appropriate choices. This article is going to present 9 most popular breakfast dishes in Vietnam which can both be cooked at home or found at restaurants.


9 most important achievement of Vietnam’s tourism in 2011

2011 definitely marks an important milestone in the development of Vietnam's tourism. Below is a list of 9 events that we deem as most important achievement of Vietnam's tourism in 2011. These sure promise a bright future of 2012.


6 flavourful wraps for a taste of Ho Chi Minh City

With their only similarity lying in the large number of green contents, the following dishes are favorite snacks of many Saigonese, for their delicious and healthy take.


The 7 best tailors of Hoi An

 Lots of tourists come to Hoi An in the hope of having tailored clothes within just a few days and at reasonable prices. Since there are nearly 400 cloth shops and tailor shops compact in this small town, there is a wide assortment for customers of all tastes to select. However, this multitude of shops also results in the fact that most tourists find themselves overwhelmed when picking the One amongst these.


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